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This Blogtography is not a shameless self promotion but a way to keep in touch with folks and share my experiences of what I see and do through the eye of the lens. I feel fortunate to play a part in stoking people to get out and explore and find their own experiences no matter what they are. It really inspires me to capture a moment in time and tell a visual story. Quote- "If I only scrape a living at least it's a living worth scraping for ! " ( Dark Side Of The Lens)

Thursday, December 12, 2013

en·voy ˈenˌvoi,ˈänˌvoi/

Definition of envoy : An envoy is someone sent out as a 

messenger to represent another person or group, 

I'm really excited to be part of the Mountain Equipment Co-Ops Envoy program for a 2nd year. The 2013-14 season has been a bit of a slow start with low snow pack averages but that just means more time for trip planning, strength training and being creative in the mountains.  I've been shooting some stock, both stills and video.
 just upgraded my video program and got a Sony FS700. 

Arctic Outflow, High pressure = no snow but results in Ice
The Amassador/Envoy program is in it's 2nd year with 21 Envoy's in a wide range of adventure sport that love sharing their adventures. Check out the profiles here  all have incredible stories to tell.
MEC has a new logo and a fresh website with inspirational links with stories and visuals, these include the Outsiders piece and the new Journal As winter continues I will be updating my blog with mountain antics and have a couple of great trips lined up for the season-
Stand by for Pow !