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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ridge "0" Rama !!

Went back up to the Chilcoltans of SouthWest B.C this past weekend for some huge miles and outstanding fall weather. This past August it snowed on us up there but not a chance this time.. Light packs (except for mine with camera gear)  Sunscreen and Chamois butter were the only thing we needed this go around.. Even the bugs were done for the year.
The day before we left I did a 6hr mish on the bike which definitely haunted me on the 2nd day of this ride. Generally it's  3hr push to the alpine in the Spruce area so there is no hiding if you don't have the legs..I pretended as long as I could, leap frogging from group to group getting shots.. Not easy when you got 3 pros in the group and one freshly retired hockey star "Trevor Linden" showing what they got. Had our share of mechanicals but everyone made it home for cold beers and a giant B-BQ at the cabin.
Anyway, Ridge "O" Rama is a must ride for the scenery.. 3hrs up, 2 hr hike a bike and 5000 ft buff decent is the added reward after straining your neck with the views for so long.
I complety ate shit on the downhill. Tagged a pedal on a stump at high speed.. Not often I hit the deck but this was a gooder., Kinda like getting suplexed by Hulk Hogan to the ground followed by a 30 ft slide into home in baby powder dust on my stomach.  What a freaking mess.. Camera gear was all good though.. and a fresh 20hrs on the legs...Yaaaaaaaa/

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lake Lovely Water

A group of friends went up into the Tantalus Range close to Squamish on this Labour Day long weekend. The range can be seen on your way to Whistler west side of the highway with the dramatic glaciers/gnarly ridge lines and some bad ass ski decents.
We took the jet boat up the Squamish river (Jay is the man !!) to the trail head and after wiping up the brown stains on our shorts from the Jet boat ride we hiked 3 hrs to the alpine meadows for a relaxing lunch and then we spread some ashes from a friend that past away last year in a kayaking accident..(yow, it's almost been a year).
The hike down  went by faster than I thought and Jay picked up in the Jet and dropped us off at the Watershed Grill in Brackendale for Pints..