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Friday, October 8, 2010

Fall on the Coast

Winter is more or less around the corner, every sunny day I feel the urgency to get out and soak it up before the Coast unleashes and we patiently wait to see the elusive snow line begin to drop to the valley floor in the Whistler area.

The ski/snowboard movie premiers are a weekly occurrence fueling the anticipation. The rush was on to shoot some projects that I've had in mind for sometime..

September started out unusually wet, the typical indian summer did not arrive until the last week or so of the month and extended into Oct.
After pinning it on the bike for the past 2 yrs some down day's were welcome to let the body recharge and switch gears into more photography, climbing and finding my flow on the mountain bike again. Squamish went off the charts this summer with trail maintenance and new creative lines snaking through some amazing 2nd growth forests. The link ups and variations are almost endless and only limited my how much climbing you want to do.

I feel like I've struck a balance this past 2 months with training and the photography. It feels good riding with the 50 lb pack or running up some crazy hillside to find a new perspective on capturing an inspiring image. I also found myself in situations that tested me physically and mentally.

I've put in numerous days in the high alpine shooting amazing athletes who are as fired up as I am to see what the coastal alpine has to offer this time of year.

The scenery is jaw dropping and with the summer fires behind us the air quality is top notch, allowing images to show case the endless peaks that disappear off in the horizon.

The athletes are tireless and I thank them for their endless energy and commitment to their sport.
Anyone I've worked with will call me out on my famous "Just 1 more time" especially as I get frantic with the fading light at the end of a day =)

It's so damn amazing to come home after a hard day's shoot and wait for the memory cards to dump the goods of the day onto the hard drive..No matter how shattered I am, I have to process a few to see whats going on.. If it was a good day, my energy levels ramp up and I process until I can't stare at the monitor anymore.

( In memory of Denis Fontaine and Richard Juryn ! )