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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I have not updated for ages.. I caught the biking bug back in August and have pretty much been on a mission since. Photography has slowed a  little as I  started focusing on riding as much as I can before winter drops the hammer. I went into last season feeling like a slug and I vowed not to let that happen again. 
Years ago I road raced throughout Canada/Parts of USA and lived in Belgium following the tough amateur circuit hoping to turn pro one day..I had a few results there but not enough to continue with that as a career option so I retired the road bike in 1992 . Over the years I maintained a decent fitness base through expedition racing and mountain biking but really focused on skiing/climbing as a passion.
In 2000 I was hired in the West Vancouver Fire Department and am stoked to have a wicked job in a great area. 
Summer 2009 Vancouver is hosting the World Police Fire Games which involves just about every sport under the sun at a very competitive level. This inspired me to start training again and see what level I can get back to in a season. Since August I've been putting on 10-15 hrs a week and with the fitness rising it's like a snowball effect.. Just want more.. It's difficult holding back when the weather has been great for riding and marginal for skiing. So I'll take the bike for now and when the pow fly's it might be the dreaded Nightly indoor trainer missions.
this is just a quick update, hopefully the next one it will be about some epic in the mountains shredding pow.. That bug needs  a fix asap !!