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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Christie 4 Reel !

Here is a quick summary of a few adventures !
Looking forward to many more and story telling through still imagery and progressing in video presentations.
Christie 4 Reel !
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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Skip Fall, Bring on Winter !

Fall-Winter 2013
Brands that fuel the stoke !

It feels like it was just yesterday we were experiencing the summer that just kept on giving.
I was thinking about optimal timing to start blogging about the upcoming winter and thought I would hold off until we start seeing the snow line dropping through the  coastal cloud cover.
Mad Dog Camp, Bella Coola !
Oddly enough it happened this week just as the "Sherpa's" were premiering their 2 yr project " Into the mind".

Bella Coola was a highlight of the Sherpas Cinema's segments.

 INTO THE MIND    (link)
They returned for the second year of the project and base camped  in the same location as I had 2 weeks prior to their arrival. I was up there with a small crew doing a story for SBC SKIER   and MEC on Coast Mountains and the impact "Oil and Gas Pipelines" could have on our mountains and oceans interface. The area we camped had the highest concentrations of long, steep couliors I have ever seen. We got a couple of them before a storm ended our ambitions.
We were super fortunate to spend some time in this coastal range, the area offers super technical lines but also many zones that are Heli assisted ski tour friendly. I highly recommend checking in with  BELLA COOLA HELI SKIING.  (link)
Nothing to see here !
Trip Planning Bella Coola Heli sSprot !

What better way to raise the level of stoke in skiers and boarder than forecasts of up to 12 feet at Mt Baker and the release of the most anticipated ski flick I can recall.
Despite the ski gear hanging in storage there really is no off season when thinking about skiing !
Trip planning, connecting with folks in the industry and dreaming about pow in the southern hemisphere. 
I've been super fortunate to have a solid crew who have been progressive in the approach to Mountain Adventure. I've been able to document many of our journey's with my photography. This has been a great launch pad to involve some amazing sponsors in our travels.
This will be my 2nd season with "Mountain Equipment Co-Op's new initiative as "Ski Mountaineer Envoy". (link) MEC ENVOY The recent release of the JOURNAL (link)  filled with inspiring adventures from the Envoy crew !
Hero 3 Head shot !  99 Pures "Going down Big"
The past 2 seasons I've been exclusively skiing on DPS skis. This season I'm super fired up to be part of their new "Mountain Ambassador program. DPS SKIS(link) 2013-14 ski lineup has me more stoked than ever. 

They have been producing one of the most talked about and respected skis in the industry. The new Pure 3 Technology shows this company based in Salt Lake City takes innovation/progression to the next level and its great to be connected with a brand who's way of life is mountain culture and chasing snow !

The past 2 seasons I've also been using ABS Packs. ABS AVALANCHE PACKS (link) have been in the game longer than anyone and their Vario system is the best in the business  as another tool for safety and matching objectives.
The Goal ! Complicated/technical terrain !

This summer our crew had a few meetings and talked about ambitions for the 2013-14 winter. We are lining up some great missions and have plan "B" to roll with environmental considerations.
 Season enders to the left and right !
Realistically the season on the West Coast does not really start until the end of November. That gives us some time to fine tune our summer fitness and transition into winter with some focussed strength training.
With snow falling in the mountains people are getting amped up. Some are getting out and farming turns. Those that do need to reel in their ambitions and play it safe out there. Glaciers will have very shallow, weak bridging on crevasses. Many other hazards exist waiting to finish your season before it starts. 
It's not far off ! Patience !
Now is a good time to read up on mountain travel and refresh your snow science knowledge, including some avalanche beacon drills. In your spare time you can do dryland Beacon training. Often at work we will hide our lunches on co-workers with beacon stashed next to just to give the thought process a kickstart.
Before we know it, our favorite lines will be filled and we will be exploring new ones beyond those. Until then !! Bring on the seasons new ski films to bridge the gap !
Chris Christie

Good reading and resources for those on the coast !