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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A quick update to the SA Travels !
I finally got myself free of airport hell in Beunos Aries after hours of delay's because of maintance delay's and overcrowding on a long weekend.
If it wasn't for the humour of tourists losing thier shit with demands that were completly out of anyones control, it would have been a long day.
I've been in El Chalten for 11 day's. I really hope I have not used up all my weather luck for the winter. We have had bluebird for 10 day's straight with moderate winds.
I think I've scrambled and trekked just about everything there is to do here. A big downer is I could not find a partner to do an Alpine route with. It's a little early in the season so there were not too many people climbing the amazing walls here. Last ditch effort I decided to hire a guide to climb with..Felt odd to hire a friend so to speak but I'm jones-in to get at something techy !!
Well i waited too long..No Guides !!
I hooked up with an Irishman, Noel O'Leary who runs adventure camps in Ireland, we did an amazing alpine scramble with incredible views..

I'm travelling with a super light sleeping system and i gotta say the Mountian Hardware Compressor pants are dialed..
Bivied up high 1 night and caught some climbers heading to Fitzroy..

Hanging out in camp after a long day is actually comfortable now..stoked..

@ the hostel last night a french girl asked if i could load some images from her CF card onto her micro drive using my computer. Seems like caught a virus from her :( of the software type..
I can't load my images onto the pc and it corrupts my CF cards. I'm spending my last full day in El Chalten recovering images and trying to sort out what the hell is going on with my pc.
I will miss the people I connected with down here, it was an amazing experienec and I hope i can come back sooner than later.
A great hostel is
Back to Santiago for part 2 of the trip.. shredding mtb's for a few day's before heading to Ecuador for some climbing and moto adventure off the beaten path.
CC out !