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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sept or is it Aug ??

Fall is here or is it ??
Record temps and the trails are tight with some moisture..
Last race of the year was Cheakamus Challenge and I pulled the pin out of the Canyon..Done racing for the year.. Looking forward to adventures this fall and winter. Going to ramp up the photography again, hopefully get into some rad zones with it.
Got a new bike, a killer 5x5 that kind of does it all, climbs well and rails the decents.
I did a climbing shoot yesterday and I have not been on the end a rope for well over a year. In the morning we walked down a sloping slab on the 3rd peak of the Chief in Squamish to the rappel.. That was pucker as fuck.. 1 mistake big pancake.
Then we rappelled to the climb.. I leaned out over the edge on rappell and my huge packs waist buckle exploded because it became loaded ( everything was safe, just the buckle was tensioned with with my bodyweight when I leaned back on my rigging ) just about shat my pants !!
Light was shit so images are not great..Chilco shotz 2. We did a mish up to Lorna lake and had an amazing ride out.