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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Trip planning is an adventure in itself !
The concept comes from someone dreaming up some crazy adventure and then selling it off to some mates as a grand idea.
Epic journey's need not be to some wild far off destination. Often the best ones are close to the backyard.   
Back in the fall our crew collaborated on a plan to head off the regular path in the Yukon in search of our personal idea of what MT Awesome would look like. 
Often when I travel I seek mountain culture to round out the mountain experience. The more I travelled in Canada the more I have come to realize  there are many who's normal way of life is being close to the mountains and making a living through what it provides.
The entire crew had been to the area at one time or another and the cast of characters found at the airstrip where we would be staged and surrounding Haines Junction have many incredible stories to tell of epic missions, legendary weather and endurance in a harsh environment. True mountain culture in a good old fashioned Canadian way is found in abundance here.

 Tobin and I experienced an enduring 15 day's of "slow roasting" at the airstrip waiting for the winds to calm down enough just to access the mountains let alone climb them. Character building as they say !

( video of Tobin, Adam Smith, Laura Ogden and Brian Fletcher on a small ridge line just above the airstrip where we had been waiting to fly.)

Jon Johnston, Tobin Seagel, Trevor Hunt and myself all come from different backgrounds with similar interests namely skiing big remote lines in unlikely places.
The idea of finding our "Mt Awesome" slowly grew wings and we started to become reasonably organized with the plan coming to fruition May 2, 2014 as we depart for Whitehorse and then Haines Junction where we will fly by ski plane to an area rarely visited by alpine climbers much less ski mountaineers.

On this trip we will embark on a 16-day ski mountaineer expedition deep in the heart of one of the worlds most remote mountain ranges, the Wrangell St Elias Mountains, on the border between the Yukon and Alaska. Here our group of 4 is in search of 1st descents and each persons idea of  “Mt Awesome.
Google earth has been a remarkable tool in narrowing down our search to an area that is variable with long ridges, steep faces, complex descents and couliors that twist off of dramatic summits.
Of course we all work super hard to make trips such as this happen.  
and with the addition of a few partners such as the Mountain Equipment Co-Ops Expedition Grant, 
Tasc Performance
 and Epic TV 
we hope to bring the adventure community some inspiring footage.
 We will be capturing images and a 4 episode Ski mountaineer video series due out in Fall 2014.
Others who make it possible, some for me personally !

We will be updating our trip with "Delorme Inreach" Canada

 with posts on the MEC Facebook page
 and also our social network sites.

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